Hugh Pixler Law

Pixler Law: Law Offices of Hugh Pixler

Clients' Bill of Rights

  1. Clients are kept current on pending matters by being copied on correspondence and court filings.
  2. Clients with needs beyond the scope of our field of practice are advised of that fact, and referred, if possible, to a capable specialist.
  3. Clients are provided with personal representation based on our years of experience, and the preparation necessary to properly prosecute or defend their cases.
  4. Clients are informed of any changes in the status of their cases.
  5. Client concerns are responded to with diligence and promptness.
  6. Clients are provided with complete explanations of any material issue so they may make informed decisions about their cases.
  7. Client confidences are maintained to the fullest extent of the law.
  8. Clients' interests are always protected by independent, professional judgment.
  9. Clients are given clear, straightforward counselling as to their rights and responsibilities.
  10. Clients' claims and defenses are zealously advocated for within the bounds of the law.